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"If our secrets make us sinners, can keeping another’s make us a saint? Like the blue morpho butterfly, whose iridescence is a trick of light that simultaneously shows and conceals its truth, the characters in this triptych of tales mesmerize and surprise. They are unforgettable, as are their stories, which in the end is their salvation . . . and ours.”

—Laura Scalzo, author of American Arcadia (Regal House Press)


An engrossing debut that sees both the good and bad sides of Costa Rica.

Three stories offer an intriguing look into the lives of Costa Rican characters—Ticos—as they deal with their roles in their families and society.... Read More

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My Sicilian story is one of many immigrant stories told in books and movies, yet every generation, people make them new. Diana Rojas, a Costa Rican American writer now based in Washington, DC, has made hers utterly fresh and absorbing. Her debut work of fiction, Litany of Saints: A Triptych, features three novellas... Read More

Stitch & Chat
with Author Diana Rojas

"Welcome to the first episode of Stitch and Chat where I talk to people from the world of the creative arts as we knit and sip coffee. In this episode I invite author Diana Rojas, my childhood friend to chat about her new knitting addiction and share about her upcoming book release ‘Litany of Saints.’ We rhapsodize on the many themes of her book, including the immigrant experience in 1980’s America.  It was a fascinating episode that I hope you will enjoy."

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Lupita's Most Anticipated Books of 2024 includes Litany of Saints!

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Diana Rojas has written in everything from large daily newspapers to niche newsletters, covering topics ranging from untimely deaths and school board meetings, to housing and sustainability issues. She grew up in Connecticut and New Jersey and has lived in five different countries. Diana has tried her hand at fundraising, real estate, gardening and child rearing, but despite her NYU journalism degree, she never expected to write a book. Litany of Saints is her first fiction. She lives, taxed and unrepresented, in Washington, DC.


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